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The Erotic Dinner

The Erotic Dinner by Our Gourmet Life, is a discrete, erotic dining experience.

Our Gourmet Life started in July 2011. Earlier that year, my wife and I were hosted in Paris for 10 days by a couple of close friends. We conceived of the Erotic Dinner experience as a way to say 'thank you' to our hosts. The first dinner had only two guests, far too many courses and was so much fun that everyone who participated wanted to do it again. Over the years, we have hosted over 300 events and met, teased and flirted with an abundance of amazing people.

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Chris Hubbard, Chef and Founder

I am a self-taught chef. I haven't attended any of the prominent culinary academies. I'd like to, at some point, but for now I'm happy to provide you a dinner that will excel in every detail.

I have had the privilege of cooking for some spectacular guests, people who have spent their whole careers in food. Their support, encouragement and critiques have been instrumental in developing my skills as a chef.

You may find it difficult to believe that one of the best meals of your life will come from someone who hasn't attended any of the culinary academies. If that's the case, then I look forward to surprising and enticing you with a memorable dinner.

Press & Media

We have been featured in a number of publications and media, below, I list some of the more noteable examples.

The Cut

New York Times Magazine - June 2013

My Wild Nights Waitressing at San Francisco's Sex Supper Club
Real World

MTv Real World - January 2013

s29/e4 ex-otic encounters
Huffington Post

Huffington Post - April 2012

Decadent & Delicous: Our Gourmet Life Sensual Dinners
Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine - March 8, 2016

Food Gets Frisky at Our Gourmet Life Erotic Dinners

7x7 - Dec 08, 2015

A Very Touchy-Feely Erotic Dinner Series Comes to SF (No Touching Below the Waist)

SF Weekly - Jan 11, 2016

Food is Foreplay at Our Gourmet Life Erotic Dinners
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