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The Dinner

Inside the spacious, softly lit dining room, your evening is off to a sensuous start. Candles flicker, glinting in the eyes of the sultry men and women who will be serving you dinner tonight. The excitement, though subdued for now, is palpable. A woman approaches you with a silver tray as you lounge on a soft love seat. The crisp smell of champagne fills you with anticipation as she leans toward you, offering you a glass. Black lace peeks out from underneath her white blouse. She looks deeply into your eyes, the faintest hint of a smile playing across her lips. Another woman walks over, the lace of her thigh highs only just slightly showing with each step she takes. She gently takes your hand and slowly leads you to your place at a beautifully set table.

Course after course, all exquisitely presented, is placed before you: a salad of haricots verts, perfectly portioned green beans blanched and tossed with heavy cream and red wine vinegar; a dish of tomato confit garnished with a delicate circle of chive oil. The server standing next to you runs their hands through your hair and gives a slow, gentle massage as you breathe in the aroma from the food. Soft music floats to your ears as you take the first bite. You indulge in a feast of the senses.

As the courses climb and the wine is poured, you get to know your dining companions and your servers. Each plate put before you is succulent. Time glides by as you are fed, teased, and tantalized. The servers place the final course in front of you, their bodies gently illuminated by soft light. Bending over you and placing a hand on your thigh, a server slowly picks up your spoon, gathers a bite-sized amount of the decadent dish in front of you, and brings it to your lips.

There are a few rules that we ask you to honor:

  1. No photography
  2. If you need to use your phone, please do so at the coat-check
  3. No touching unless invited by your host or by one of our servers, and then only above the waist
  4. If you need to cancel or change your reservation, please do so 72 hours before the event
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